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Just dug up this list that I had made a few years ago (from the tables and the Colossus movie). This can probably go on the wiki somewhere, if anyone can figure out what the two ambiguous companies are. I guess I couldn't read the entire thing from the Colossus video in those cases.

Agay Fluctuators
Akheton Corporation
Andsager Ballistics
Baranec Acquisitions
Boone Thrusters
Capezzuto Textiles
Comet Propulsion Systems
Dave's House o' Fighters
Dynamic Metamer
Enricco Ergonomic Systems
Gulisaro Precision Gear
Johnson Munitions
J. Scott [something]
Han-Ronald Corporation
Holt Bio Systems
KresCo Engineering
Kulas Management Systems
Mekhu Enterprises
Muller Constructors
Mesa Corporation
Nankam Aeronautical
RNI Systems
Pletcher Designs
Sahr Corporation
STX Exploration
Shekar Hydraulic Actuators
Snapka/Flegel Weapons Systems
Subach-Innes Corporation
Triton Dynamics
Velocity: A Camarillo Company
Wentz Acoustics
Whiteside Construction
xEURR Inc.  (x is either C, G or W)

We do not know anything about a large number of the above. This list could go to the GTVA Colossus, becasue we do not have to know anything about them there. If this were in the Corporations article, we would be expected to know a thing of two about all of them.

Black Wolf:
Not neccesarily. The corporations article is, as it stands atm, rubbish. No offence to GE - for what it was meant to be, it's very good, but it's not the sort of thing that belongs in the Wiki. What it should be is a list of all known corporations, ie. this, with data only when we obtain it through canon sources.

Eg. Subach Innes produced the Subach, Triton Dynamics make the TC-TRIs for their own use then the GTVA pick them up - stuff like that.

Triton Dynamics also makes the Triton.  Obviously.  Most of them would by necessity be basic entries, but then how mudh do we need to have listed for FS corporations anyway?

Black Wolf:
Very little. The best we really have is who makes what fighters.


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