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Would I be able to contribute my Silent Threat story to the wiki? (I'll have to re-write it though)

Black Wolf:
Err... what is it?

i showed everyone my Silent Threat story that i contributed to the wiki, remember?

the one everyone said we didn't need?

[EDIT] oh, and maybe I can add some of my SCP screenshots? :D

Black Wolf:
No, I don't remember. Imagine I'm a relatively casual forum goer who doesn't read every single topic and lacks access to a search function. Then explain what you want to do. As for the screenshots, possibly, if you can find somewhere to put them. The wiki is a reference, not an advertising tool. If there's an article in there that needs 'em, add them.

That said, I'm of the opinion we should hold off on adding too many pics until we have an image uploader or wiki piccy forum, as we'll probably have to shift most of them over anyway.

i found the old .rtf i made. i want to make amends to it, so if anyone has any info i can add, say so please. :)

--- Quote ---  During a joint Terran-Vasudan operation, rogue Terran forces fired on the Vasudans with intent to kill. Naturally, the Vasudans defended themselves. The engagement field turned into a full warzone. As a result, the Galactic Terran Intelligence (GTI) sent in two wings to sanitize the area.
  There were three transports, one freighter, and two or three wings of Terran and Vasudan forces. The first transport, Aries 1, was docked to a Vasudan freighter during the engagement and was destroyed along with the freighter. The second transport, Aries 2, escaped the engagement zone. The other, Aries 3, was making its way to the nearby listening post to spread the news of war with the Terrans. It was destroyed en route. Needless to say, if Aries 3 made it to the listening post, the Alliance would have been destroyed.
  The freighter was undoubtedly transferring crew and supplies to Aries 1, and was suddenly interrupted when the Terrans fired on them. Alpha and Beta wings were forced to destroy the freighter as well.
  Aries 2 escaped to Antares, where it was later destroyed by Alpha and Beta wings. In addition, the four or five Aten-class cruisers were destroyed to prevent the news of the engagement from leaking out. A Terran science vessel later jumped into the field of engagement, designation Einstein. It was later discovered that the Einstein was supposed to be destroyed in the Ross 128 event. The Einstein reported that it was carrying 'volatile materials', yet Terran Command ordered Alpha and Beta wings to destroy the GTSC Einstein. Seconds before the Einstein was destroyed, it launched two escape pods, but were not destroyed due to the massive energy readings coming off of the Einstein. A massive shockwave soon ensued, but by that time the escape pods had escaped.
  During a rescue operation to recover the escape pods, the Shivans attempted to destroy every ship in the vicinity. They were held back, but a second wave appeared. By that time, an unmarked Orion-class destroyer, its designation only GTD, arrived with about four wings of unidentified fighters that were invisible to sensors. As the Terran forces fought off the Shivan forces, the Orion destroyer picked up the first escape pod. After the 'GTD' left the area, the unidentified fighters then commenced a coup de'tat in an attempt to cover up the operation. Alpha and Beta wings repelled the hostile wings. A second Orion destroyer entered the area, designation GTD Myrmidon. The last escape pod had been rescued, and Alpha and Beta wings returned to the GTID (Galactic Terran Intelligence Destroyer) Krios.
  It wasn't until a rogue cell in the GTI revealed itself that the friendly GTI realized that the unmarked destroyer was in fact a rogue GTI ship, unmarked to prevent tracking. The unidentified fighters were also identified and dubbed the GTF Loki, the pinnacle of stealth technology during them. However, a weakness in the stealth technology was found, and its strongest defense was exploited.
--- End quote ---

also, i can't remember now, but i think i made changes while i was uploading this article to the international wikipedia, and if i did, feel free to correct my mistakes. :)


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