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C or C++?

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Today I finally completed my C course at university, and since I liked it, I'm interested in learning more about programming.

The course I took taught me the basics of C (variables, types and typedef, strings, functions, pointers, arrays, switches, structs), but I also read somewhere that C++ is better than C.

Should I continue learning C, or should I start learning C++? And where can I find good tutorials?

C++ is basically C with objects. So if you want to dabble with OOP it might be interesting for you to learn C++. Otherwise, it's a waste of time and you'll do well to continue perfecting your knowledge of "pure" C.

c++ is easier to program in than c if  you are working in a team. otherwise it depends on your way of thinking, OO or procedural.

No, C++ generally includes STL...which I don't really like, but is a whole lot different because it introduces the concepts of vectors, iterators, and so on.

C++ is not "better" than C. There is no hierarchical ranking of programming languages. They have strengths and weaknesses.

But you probably won't want to code much with assembly.

STL vectors rock.


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