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Ok, so while doing some research for automated building from a solution/workspace/etc, I've managed to compile a VC++2008 Solution file using VCBUILD.  Not too complicated.  Is there anything that simple for VC++6?  I can't seem to find it as easily in the docs, and since I already got it working in 2008, my drive to dig for it hasn't been that great, but if someone already knows about it, it'd be very useful to me.  I'll probably look again right now, I just don't want to if someone else here already knows.  Also, similar info for XCode would be nice, or any other info on compiling FS2 from say, a Perl script on OS X and/or Linux.  I'm assuming Linux should be the easiest since it's already set up for a command line compile.  I know nothing about compiling it on OS X though.

Edit:  Ok, it looks like the closest thing to that is using nmake.  So, I exported .mak files for each of the 5 projects I care about in the workspace, but running nmake on them fails, the code project won't compile via this method currently.  Something missing or some such.  I probably just need to tweak some stuff, but if anyone can get FS2 to compile with VC6's nmake, I'd love to know how you did it.  I'm usually just winging it through these things.

VC6's solution and project files aren't as complex as the later versions of MSVC. If nothing else, it might be worth it to crack them open in a text editor and come up with a script that looks at the filenames, compile flags, linker flags, and searches out any custom build steps (Currently, there's only one) and runs those. In general, I don't think the compile process has to be that complex so long as you're just building to an executable.

Any particular reason you want to build with MSVC6?

VC2008 seems to have a few...quirks.  For one, it doesn't know the call stack when a debug error occurs, it just throws out addresses to the functions or whatever instead of the function names.  So you have to have MSVC to get any useful information out of it there.  Then, any MSVC 2008 builds I've made have this strange habit of throwing Invalid Drive Index errors in very specific situations.  Ones where the VC6 builds work just fine.  So, either the project file for 2008 needs tweaking, or I just need to stick with good ol' tried and true VC6.  It just seems to work the best.

There is a MSVC2003 toolkit as well, but to my knowledge I'm the only one using that version of MSVC right now, so the project files are less likely to be up-to-date than MSVC6.


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