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Welcome to the Nightly Builds subforum!  Here you'll find compiles of the latest and greatest checkouts from the trunk, or main branch, of SVN.  All this means is that this is the most up to date code that has been submitted as ready for the next release.  This isn't always necessarily the case, so feel free to get the latest build from here and run it through the paces.

So, these are essentially the same as a standard trunk build you might have seen show up on the Recent Builds subforum from time to time.  The nightly part comes from the fact that there is now an automated process in place, that can, theoretically, build and upload a new build every night after code has been committed.  At the moment, don't expect every night, as neither the current hosting nor the platforms used to develop the build script can handle it.  See other sticky if you can help out in these areas.

What you need:
Anything you would need to run a normal build, basically.

You will need an MD5 app for Windows (such as MD5Summer) to verify the md5sums, if you wish.  Your Linux distro may be lacking md5sum as well, so you would need to look into acquiring it for your system.  OS X may need the Xcode Developer Tools for the md5 command, I'm not sure.  With recent Xcodes, the Command Line Utilities are a separate downloadable install if you don't want to install the entire Xcode package from the App Store.  It requires an Apple Developer account (free).  The tools are available as separate packages for Mountain Lion and Mavericks last I checked.

Windows versions are archived with 7-zip.
Linux and OS X versions are archived with their respective tar utilities.

If you're coming here first after doing a fresh install of FS2 from retail media, you will definitely want to get the Launcher for your respective OS, if there is one.

All platforms:  wxLauncher (ongoing project for a unified launcher)
Windows:  Launcher 5.5g (Mirror) (Mirror) (Mirror) Not compatible with Windows 8, use wxLauncher above
OS X:  Soulstorm's OS X Launcher 3.0
Linux:  YAL or here or by hand or whatever you can figure out.

You may want to look into the FS2NetD Setup thread, for multiplayer info, or Cole's eye-candy setup thread, as well as many of the other eye-candy setup threads around the forums.

What are those SSE and SSE2 builds I keep seeing everywhere?
Your answer is in this topic.

My sound has degraded from older builds, what happened?
The move away from DirectSound to pure OpenAL means that integrated sound cards and other cards with poor OpenAL support might be experiencing poor sound playback.  Make sure your audio card drivers are up to date, it is often important for ensuring good OpenAL support.  Disabling EFX can help, but you might also want to look into trying the OpenAL Soft DLL.  Get the Win32 binary package on that page, and install the soft_oal.dll into your Freespace2 folder, not the System folder as the readme instructs.  If that doesn't work, try a different sound device in the launcher.  Generic Software should be the most reliable one.

What platform is used to build the nightlies?
WIN:  Windows 7 Pro SP1 64-bit, MSVC2015 Update 2
OSX: OS X 10.11.4 (El Capitan) Xcode 7.3 configured for Apple LLVM 7.0, Latest SDK (10.11), Deployment Target 10.7
LINUX: Ubuntu 14.04.3 LTS 32-bit GCC 4.8.4
FREEBSD: PC-BSD 10.2 64-bit clang 3.4.1

Hidden Text: Outdated FAQ • ShowText-to-Speech (voice) support is not enabled in nightly builds.  Visual Studio Express editions can't build with it enabled, so we have it disabled in the project file by default.  It will be in Release Candidates and Final builds, and should work as well as it has in the past.  But that's why we have release candidates before a final build :)
Text to Speech and Voice Recognition have both been enabled by default in the VS 2013 and 2015 project files so the nightlies have had these enabled for some time.

Should I download "standard" or "Inferno"?
Inferno - keep in mind that it will update your pilot files if you put them in the inferno pilots folder, making them unusable on non-inferno builds when placed in the regular pilots folder.  So copy them, don't move them if you want to use the pilot on both for now.  The Inferno differences will be made standard in the near future.
All Inferno changes have now been unified as 'Standard'.

Keep in mind these builds have the most bleeding edge features, that have often gone through minimal testing in a separate code branch.  They are a double edged sword.  On the one hand, fixed bugs will likely be fixed in these builds first.  On the other, any new bugs will likely show up in these builds first.  Always back up your pilot files before testing with these builds, if you care about them.

thanks for the explination , i will use these to do bug testing in multiplayer    ( whenever i can find someone who wants to play that is)

The shaders VP still has the indefinite return thing going on, so it's not going to work for as many people. Based on the OS poll, though, there aren't very many people using something old enough that it won't work. :p

Any chance for an inferno builds as well next to normals?

I don't actually know how to set up inferno or voice builds, save for on linux.  Gonna have to wait for them to make one probably.  These are just for general bugtesting right now and not everyday use, although once the RCs come out we might try to put out voice-enabled and inferno builds as well.


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