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Firefox has an Addon that will allow you to do this from the download window, it is called MD5 Hasher.

For a windows shell utility that will add a hashes tab to the Right-Click|Properties section, a handy app called HashTab exists.

Oh. So I'm assuming corrupted downloads happen often enough that it would be worth installing this?

Not really, but frankly, it would be worth it anyway just to have one more tool to verify you have the full whatever it is you were trying to get.


--- Quote from: chief1983 on September 17, 2008, 03:10:48 pm ---

For GLSL, you will need the 1119 shaders VP to take advantage of normal maps with any build since mid July 2008.

--- End quote ---

Quick 2 questions, do i need this file still? and do i put it in FS2/mediavps folder?


The 1119 shaders are the latest that Taylor released, however there is going to be a new set in the MediaVPs when they are fully released (soon).  If you want GLSL for any other mod that doesn't use the new mediavps, you would need that file or the shader set from the new MediaVPs.


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