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Linux is not my concern, no problems with developing enviroment there (it's enough to pass --enable-inferno to configure).
My concern is win which I use lately more cause of TrackIR. I don't know how to do that there but can check. Probably a matter of some define. I can do that as well, but that would require getting whole dev enviroment for windows which I'm not keen to do as I use it as gaming platform. Nothing more.

Inferno builds merely require the INF_BUILD preprocessor definition to be set. Voice requires a bit more work as the SAPI SDK needs to be in the path. Last time I tried it VC2005 complained about the SDK itself and refused to build. Given that I don't particularly fancy fixing MS's mistakes I just left it.

I ended up installing VS anyway to check this (didn't notice Karajorma's post and could just check so as I'm concerned I don't need inferno for now, can build it myself :-)

Lovin' this idea. Just one question. What's with the whole MD5 thing? What do I need it for?

If you have an MD5 hash generator, you can use it to check if the file was corrupted during the download.


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