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Should be able to look at knossos usage in detail on the cloudflare dashboard

Such a pity. One of the most promising mods here.

This is no doubt fool’s hope speaking spoon but wouldn’t a prolonged hiatus do the trick while possibly returning to it later? Seems really a shame to see it die given the momentous work involved in there.

As much as I'd hope for that, that is 99%+ chance that it doesn't happen. Ofc you can say "nobody knows how long HLP will exist" but keep in mind that Spoon was already on an almost 2-year long hiatus before posting this, and it does not look like he'd ever feel like "damn, I need to finish this".

I was afraid this would happen at one point, but still heartbroken I am. :( I had wished that Spoon would've stayed around here from time to time too.

I understand that hlp has seen better days, although things like discord tend to mitigate that arguably. Many people have taken extended leaves from the forum. I just hope spoon will still pop in occasionally.

I had wondered. Unfortunately my decision after I played Episode 1 to wait until all episodes were completed before playing seems to have been correct, though not in the way I would have expected.

Thank you for the closure, and I'm genuinely sad to see you and your project go. It was the reason I joined the forum, and has always remained my favourite project. Good luck for the future, and thank you for everything, including the things you've done for me over the years.

I wish we could see any stuff you might have made before stopping, art, ships, writing scripts, etc.


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