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Commander Zane:
What a terrible day for rain.

Thanks for everything you've done to this point. WoD is an absolute treat.

At least come back occasionally to say hi, or even check on releases.


--- Quote from: qazwsx on October 26, 2020, 05:36:15 pm ---Should be able to look at knossos usage in detail on the cloudflare dashboard

--- End quote ---

I can only infer from the post above, but a quantity metric might not be the problem. - One thing that contribute to stagnation and exhaustion on a creative side is when feedback fails to materialize in the fields you want it to, sometimes you just don't hear from the people you want to hear from, and even then what you would like to have the most feedback on is just never talked about. Some of that is just problems with communication ... and even if you know this it can sometimes be harder than it looks, because one of the big advantages of blind feedback is that you get someone to talk about points you never considered.

Now, maybe none of this applies here, I am after all writing/FREDing for an audience of one and take the appraisal of my work by other as a bonus.

You did great work man. Here's hoping your next project is just as good.

Little late to the party here but wanted to also chime in - WoD was always one of my favorites, especially with the release of act 2.

As for this:

--- Quote from: Nightmare on October 26, 2020, 02:49:47 pm ---I'm sorry to hear that. Ironically, I was getting the impression that HLP finally took a turn upwards this year (unlike many other things), just that most stuff was being discussed on Discord or project boards. Are you atleast planning to promote your game over here when it's done?

--- End quote ---

I'm pretty active on the HLP discord and would agree with this statement - we've had some pretty great stuff get released this year, def more than the last couple of years.


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