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are you still looking for C++ programmers? I would be interested :)

I don't really have anything to show off, but I develop for a living and I have strong development skills. I'd love to help diaspora with my development abilities.

I'm not afraid to start with some basic "grunt" tasks to get my head around your code before moving on. Or be tested on some code samples, figuring out what's good/wrong (such as I've seen in many interviews).

I am not a BSG expert, nor an OpenGL guru, nor a Net wizard. Just a regular developer, with good abilities, experience in C++(98|03|11|14) and willing to give roughly half a day per week to diaspora :)

Oh, I'll be coding on Linux (Mint), and I also have some experience with continuous integration (should you find that interesting).



The SCP can always use new coders so it's not that hard to get started actually. A Diaspora coder is merely a FS2_Open coder who gives more priority to the features we want in the engine than other projects. So you can check here for information on how to get the code out of SVN and get started.

I'm sure I could fairly easily find you a few minor tasks that need doing which no one has gotten around to yet. Swifty is technically the head of the code department so it's up to him to assign you a job but if he has no suggestions for anything we need badly, I'm sure I can find something we need done. Give me us a shout once you've checked out and built FS2_Open and one of us will assign you something.

I'm on our IRC channel large portions of the day (although I might be away from keyboard for long periods) so that's also a good way to get hold of me.

Well, that's great :)

I checked out the source, built it, and I already see something I'd like to do (seeing that the CodeBlocks file hasn't been updated in 6 years...).

Are you familiar with CMake? It makes it much easier to manage cross-platform multi-ide projects, avoiding you to manage the "projects" folder by hand (and getting rid of the autotools O:-)).
If you don't have any objections, I'd like to write the appropriate CMake files for the project. This will allow me to browse the code for dependencies, and get started gently.

Otherwise, any task will do.

Actually, one of the Diaspora coders was already working on using CMake. The topic is on the SCP private board so I can't link you to it unfortunately but if you send a personal message to m|m and tell him you're interested in this, I'm sure he can bring you up to speed with what he's done. I think he actually needs someone else to help him test.

groscask, always happy to chat with potential new coders.


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