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How to use multiple game controllers in Diaspora (or any fs2_open based game)

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I own a Logitech G940, a stick that declares itself to windows as three separate devices - stick, pedals and throttle. Unfortunately, Diaspora (or any fs2_open based project, for that matter) can only use one of these devices at a time, and owners of gaming controller systems that register themselves as separate devices will need to create a virtual joystick that uses all of the devices to make it work. While it's not difficult to set up it is a ridiculously long process, so to make things easier here are the steps to do it:

1) Set test signing on to allow ppjoy installation and operation.

Before you even install ppjoy, you will need to set driver signing off for windows - the app will refuse to install and later on run unless windows are in test mode. There are two ways of doing it, manually and with a small app that does it for you.

a) Manually switch to test mode:

- In the Windows Start Menu type in cmd and hit enter (or hit the windows key+r then type in cmd and hit enter). In the command prompt, type in the following line:

--- End code ---

and hit enter. You may need to be logged in as administrator to do this. Restart your system when done. Once you system boots up, you should see a message in the lower right corner of your destkop informing you you're running in test mode. You should now be ready to install and run ppjoy. You might find a pain constantly having to manually switch to this mode and back whenever you want to play; luckily there is a small program that will allow you to switch quickly whenever you like (will still need a reboot).

b) Switch to test mode by using the Driver Signature Enforcement Overrider

First, download dseo13b.exe from here. Now simply run it, select "Enable Test Mode", hit next, close it and reboot your system.

2) Install ppjoy

First, you'll need to find a version that runs for you. I sometimes had trouble getting the installer of some versions to run. Here's a version that appears to work:

Install it, add a virtual joystick, then run ppjoyjoy.exe. You should get a window with a lot of empty fields. Here you can define what axes from your multiple devices will be which axes for the one virtual joystick you created. I find that setting this up is a long, boring trial and error process, so I suggest going axis by axis, button by button until you have the game recognizing your stick to your licking. Once done, save the .ini file someplace you can find it so you don't need to manually redefine everything every time you play.

For OS X, I've liked ControllerMate, which not only allows for using multiple game controllers but also allows you to calibrate joysticks. However, it's commercial software, and although there's a limited freeware version, the retail version's price has jumped from USD $15 when I bought it to $25! :eek2:

There's also USB Overdrive, which is shareware but apparently can be used indefinitely, but I don't know anything about it. I also don't know of any freeware options for OS X.

No idea what's available for Linux.

Nice! I was just about to start a topic like this. :)

CH owners will probably know this already, but CH comes with its own manager that can construct virtual profiles as well. However if you have a mixed set of equipment you may have to do the PPJoy thing.

There's a thread elsewhere in which a user gives some Glovepie code that, on reading, really ought to make an xbox-type controller do exactly what most of us would want it to and give us access to all the basic control, throttle, weapons and targeting functions.  However, on running it, I get the D-pad doing what I want to tright joystick to do, only bank functionality form the right joystick (and that moved 90 degrees counterclockwise from what it should be) and the various buttons now doing at all what I want them to.  When I allow Diaspora to simply recongize the controller when I'm not running Glovepie, the results are even worse.  Diaspora's default game controller bindings dont' have anything to do with what I think most users want or expect the controller to do.  And, unfortunately, Diaspora doesn't allow one to use the binding function with the controller, which would solve this problem.

So, at some future time I think it would be very useful to include some command binding functionality with a controller (in my case, a Logitech Gampepad) or otherwise make it easier for users to write in those bindings.  No one wants to fly a Viper with a mouse.


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