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Those of you who've successfully gotten multi working, how does it feel?

Having spent a ridiculous amount of time trying to balance the various fighters against each other so they'd be fun in multi, I'm curious how well it's worked. Each of the fighters should be viable against the others, and facilitate a slightly different playing style...

So start talking. I'm curious. :)

Can't play the raider/adv raider as of yet, but the Heavy Raider seems to be a bit overpowered.  There were time that people would spawn in front directly in the gun site and go poof.  Especially when used in conjunction with the short range anti-fighter missiles it's extremely deadly. 

It's been frankly hard to judge at this point though because some of the people are using mouse/keyboard, some of us have joysticks, some are new to this style of game, others of us grew up on the likes of Xwing/Wing Commander/Freespace. 

But when I can go 4 v 1 (plus AI) in a TvT in a Heavy Raider and end up with something like 18 kills in 5 minues, it maybe a tad over powered.

i tried a session whit all mk VII, but whit different controls systems ( Key, mouse , Controllers and sticks) and the situation seems very balanced.

The only complaint i have is that vipers rotdamp is too much high....making a bit too difficult to aim fast targets...
Anyway not too much problematic... i'm just nit-picking.

EDIT: almost forgot... for people like me that uses roll in X Axis, seems that this value is still too slow, producing some sort of ''handicap'' for this kind of players.

If there's someone that plays like me,please leave feedback.


Having been able to fly the full line up now, I think the raiders vs viper is balanced consider the raider takes a different style of play (relying on the dogfighting missiles vs. guns), but I will still say that the heavy raider may be a bit overpowered.  It seems to be able to smash through the other players quickly.  I realize the HR has no afterburner limiting it's speed (I'm assuming this is a feature not a bug) so there is a counter to it for most other players.  (Boost the frak away until you can get a better angle)

The Heavy Raider's lack of AB is a feature. We'd like some more feedback on Raptors/HRs v.s. Vipers and Raiders.


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