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Eagerly anticipating BtA!

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After seven yeeeears I am back, and this is actually released.  Playing it now.

My CO says that there is to be no further talk of phantom snails

Inevitable played-everything-now-review-it post

Rating is 10/10 EMPs, roughly equivalent to 5/5 on the Admiral Po scale of clever-torpedo-related-plans, or 10/10 novel HUD gauges. The music, the gameplay, the characters, The Clever Plans - it all works together to produce a compelling experience. Thanks for making it. Make another one.  :nervous:

Have shared story thoughts, nitpicks, and occasionally successful jokes on Discord #bta.

Rando spoiler-less playthrough stats and oversharing:

* Difficulty level: Medium
* Most failed: How The West Was Lost, Going Out With A Bang
* Top 3 favorite missions: How The West Was Lost, Going Out With A Bang, Bringing Down The Gavel
* Runner up: Shell Game, for capturing the essential essence of BtA in one mission
* Promotions earned across all four campaigns: 0 :_(
* Confirmed UFO Sightings: 1 (nearly 2, but lost-via-death-and-replay-and-forgetfulness)
Slightly spoiler-ish playthrough stats and oversharing:
* Favorite minigame: Torpedo decoy + lure in Going Out With A Bang
* Runner-up: physics puzzle in How The West Was Lost. It wasn't too exciting but was novel to use the flail for something like this, and arguably constitutes the first real physics puzzle in FS to my knowledge (short of moving sentry guns away, which I'm told has been done a couple time before).
* Least favorite minigame: rebooting my fighter by CLI. Gorramit
* Most Neutral-ish minigame: placing static defenses in Camp Angel. Cool idea, controls seemed frustrating, maybe like it more next time through
* Most disliked mission: rescuing Khonsu II...this mission served a story purpose but could guess the outcome immediately, and being bounced around by all those transport turrets was quite wretched


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