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Options for localisation? VA?

Kannst auch gern auf deutsch fragen vll versteh ich dich dann  :p

Localisation = Translation plus X of a game/movie/etc from its original language/cultural or market context into another; because there might be some alterations beyond the mere lingustic translataion (such as cutting content based on local laws and customs) it is its own thing

VA = voice acting

Basically I was asking if the free version comes in different languages...

The voice acting is still better to me than Siri or Alexa...


My mod will be released in English only. Even the German elements you see in my screenshots won't be shown to other players later.

There are multiple native original ISOs in the web so that people are able to install it in the language they like. The language code of all
my mod content i set to 0 (all languages) - so it will be shown on all versions with individual languages - but in English.

This is possible to do this way cause i don't edit the original game files - i just expand them or write new ones.

Got as far as installing it using VirtualCloneDrive. Unfortunately it's asking me for the game disc to start playing. Not quite sure where I went wrong.

What OS your using? Did you MOUNT the ISO?


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