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Potential for a Freespace Merchandise Store?

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Not really sure what the right forum section this would fall under. I'm just mimicking a similar thread from 2010 that seemed to do well. Is marketing ok if it is series-related?

I was wondering whether the Freespace community had any current interest in Freespace merchandise in any capacity. Freespace, being one of my all-time favorite games has always left me wanting more of it, and something I find off with many companies is their tendency towards merchandise in the flavor of t-shirts, plushies, and posters. Oddly, it is rare, and left to creative fans to create the more unique and desirable products such as item recreations, functional props, etc.
For me, it has always been the medals. Freespace was always unique in that unlike other games with their achievement systems, you could earn military campaign medals and symbols of valor. How cool would it be to be able to play the campaign, and every time you earn an achievement, place a physical medal in a shadowbox?

I have SOC pins on Etsy as I work to start a scifi hobby store. Instead of creating a whole bunch of stuff and gaining no interest, I thought I'd start with one and see how it went. Freespace needs more visibility among the fandoms, and what better way (in my opinion) than with cool medals and pins?

New Etsy Store - SOC Pin 2" x 1"
Now available are the GTVA and NTF logo pins!
GTVA Logo Pin
NTF Logo Pin

This is a great idea.  There used to be a HLP Store on cafepress - managed by Galemp, I think - that sold various hats, T-shirts, and mugs.  I still have my FreeSpace SCP T-shirt.

I'm not one for pins myself, but that SOC pin looks very well done.

That looks really cool. :yes:

I am late to the party but like the idea of Freespace Merch.

Thanks! I ended up expanding the list a bit.
Got some GTVA and NTF pins coming in around Wednesday. Looking forward to them and will post them when I get them in stock. :)


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