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Full Virtual Reality support for FreeSpace is now available!

This mod ships FS2, the MediaVPs and a modified version of the cockpit made by fightermedic, with all HUD moved to the cockpit, for a fully VR-compatible experience.
Available now on Knossos!
Currently, a custom FSO build ("VR Build", also on knossos, will automatically install with the mod) is required, but I have hope for mainline FSO integration by 24.0!
VR is now merged! 24.0 will have full VR support, and in the meantime, nightlies past 20231206 will also support VR.

To play other mods in FS2, and for more setup instructions, see here: Wiki - Virtual Reality

Many thanks to fightermedic for making the cockpit, FekLeyrTarg for making the logo, and all testers, including Cobbles, FekLeyrTarg and pande4360

Download from knossos here:

Required Command Line settings:

--- Code: ----nolightshafts -no_vsync -stretch_menu -capture_mouse -vr -window -res 2500x2500 -window_res 1000x1000

--- End code ---

Colonol Dekker:
Ooohhhhhh, I for one, will try and get it working next week when I've got time to get my head round it.  I've a Quest 2.  Hope I can work it out.

How on earth did I miss this? Hugely exciting, will try it out! Diaspora looks amazing.

Oof, you weren't kidding about the lack of compatability with AMD.. shame about that.

I've dreamed about FS2 in VR for soooooo long! Couple things I've noticed so far:

- Definitely need a recenter-view button
- Parts of the hud are cut off or missing, in particular the speed/throttle to the left of the reticle and threat to the right. Auto-speed and Auto-target indicators are visible on the cockpit hut but don't appear to actually work/update.
- Mainhall/briefing/debriefing screens are the low-res and low color-depth originals. I'm new to FSO so not sure if the higher quality ones come from MediaVPs or MjnMixael's mainhalls mods, but I haven't been able to get them working in VR

Anyway I'm really excited to see how this mod progresses!


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