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Okay, so this thing's been in the works for far too long.
After a double HDD crash ragequit, various breaks due to reasons such as stints in various MMOs including but not limited to TERA/PSO2/WoT and acting a replacement maid for my grandparents in hong kong for a month, it's taken...over a year to actually finish this one model.
And I didn't even make it from scratch.


Anyhow, let's get to the good stuff. I put this here because it's...somewhat related? It's done in the same style as the Tethys and Rhea models. Some of you may remember the original model - I've done away with the hi-poly rotators and rebuilt some other sections. My rotators are considerably lower poly, but also about three billion times less of a pain in the ass to UVmap, and are more in line with the detail level of the rest of the ship.

Model: InfinitySquared, with sections reconstructed by Droid803 for optimization
Textures: AndrewofDoom

Table file is included, should be compatible with any version of DE floating around out there, if you just want to ctrl-click down one and have it go at something else. For other uses, I presume you should know which fields you want to change.

A note - the large turrets are tabled to have a limited field of fire - they can "elevate" 10 degrees (point away from the hull) and "depress" 3 degrees (point towards the hull). The limits could probably be increased to +15/-5 without looking too awkward but any more would probably look silly. They can rotate the full 360 degrees to shoot up/down/behind the ship though. That's the main thing of interest with this ship I guess, other than having a butt-ton of VLS.

Download (5.21MB)

General Battuta:
Owns bones

Colonol Dekker:
It's got that certain flavour...

This thing is cool!

Wow. This is really cool. :) How about making something smaller now? I'd really love to see your approach to Hyperion and Torrent "makeover" similar to what you did with Tethis. It'd be even more awesome to see you make a supercarrier in 4km range (think Vexor, or Solaris :) ), but this would be quite an undertaking, I imagine. I think that your ships fit DE style much better than BP ones.
Oh, and what do you think about the idea of Team-Coloring the whole pack? Looking at the Phobos' maps, it'd be easy to do, I think I could take a shot at that once I have some free time.


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