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Apologies for the delay, the official story is that the release was held up by a minor bug hunt that didn't turn out to be so minor. Let it not be known that the release was in reality mostly delayed by me playing far too much World of Tanks and Phantasy Star Online 2 to spend time actually bug hunting. No, that most definitely did not happen - I assure you, it most definitely did not. Regardless, I'm not absolutely confident we caught everything this time around, so let's just call it Open Beta. If you run into any unforseen bugs, complain in this thread, and I'll do my best to get a hotfix out :nervous:

As an apology for the delay, along with version 1.1b, I am releasing the complete version of Dimensional Eclipse: The Singularity!

If you already know what you're here for you can (probably) stop reading this now and just scroll down to the next segment, marked by a horizontal separator!

What is Dimensional Eclipse?
Dimensional Eclipse is what I describe as high-maneuverability mod, where all fighters have glide/sidethrust/reverse AB, and can move around at around 300m/s. Capital warships move at over 100m/s. This provides a flavour of combat completely different from that of traditional FreeSpace 2 campaigns, taking place over larger distances, and being much faster in general. It is set in a universe entirely unrelated to FreeSpace 2's in order to have more freedom for the new mechanics. The universe does, however, draw quite a bit of inspiration from Wings of Dawn, and Anime in general, so if you're allergic to such things, you might not like how the universe is layed out, though I hope its not too intrusive as to detract from the gameplay. I do admit, the campaign is rather verbose at times, perhaps overly so, though I hope that does not take away from the entertainment value of the missions themselves. I've had some testers say that this is a difficult campaign, but I feel most of its difficulty arises from unfamiliarity with the new style of combat, and how the strategies that work well in traditional FreeSpace fall short when given more options. It is for this reason why I've included a training mission, though it probably doesn't quite cover enough to make the transition between gameplay styles smooth, I encourage you to be bold, and experiment with your flying style (and play on a lower difficulty if you find it too difficult).

What is included in this version?
For version 1.1b is a general bug-fix and compatibility upgrade. The 'placeholder' ships have been replaced with the actual versions as intended, and a few missions have been tweaked in terms of difficulty, and a number of missions had their difficulty more closely aligned with the player-selected difficulty option via controlling the amount of hostiles. Unfortunately, due to persistent untraceable crash-to-desktop issues, and in the interests of pushing a working release out, 6 of the original 21 missions, which compose of the non-canon alternate version of chapter 2, have been removed from the main campaign, at the very least for the time being. These missions can still be found in the Tech Room mission simulator for those who wish to see what was cut, but are provided "as-is" - if they bug out or crash, that's why they were removed.

FSO 3.7.2 RC1+
MediaVPs 2014
A Decent Computer


Separately Packed
Core (Mediafire)
Visuals 1 (Mediafire)
Visuals 2 (Mediafire)
Audio (Mediafire)


* Ensure you have the latest launcher and a FSOpen Build that is 3.7.2 RC1 or newer
* Ensure you have the mediavps 2014 installed properly.
* Create a new folder in your freespace2 root directory titled 'DE' and unpack the .7z files into that folder.
* Run the mod by opening the launcher and selecting 'DE' folder under the mod tab.
* Start FreeSpace 2 via the launcher and create a NEW PILOT.
Please ensure that the 'Dimensional Eclipse' campaign in the campaign room before clicking 'Start' in the main menu. The main freespace2 campaign is NOT playable with the mod files.

Note that the Tech Room is initially empty. This is perfectly normal, entires will be added upon completion of the first few missions, this is because I cannot remove entries from the tech room by any way other than clearing them all, then re-adding all the ones I don't want removed. Take this up with the SCP guys if you want to see features that will allow a prettier initial techroom!

There, I did it. It's finally out, and within my 72 hour estimate as well! I'm going to sleep. Watch this thread be full of bug reports by the time I wake up tomorrow morning :sigh:

Yay :) Congratulations on the re-release. Downloading now ...

--- Quote from: Droid803 on May 29, 2014, 02:06:11 am ---5. Start FreeSpace 2 via the launcher and create a NEW PILOT.

--- End quote ---
Do we still need to do that? I thought nu pilot code allowed us to play a bunch of different mods using the same pilots.

Congratulation on the release. Can't wait to give it a spin later tonight.

Oh FRAK yes!  :D Finally! Thank you!  :lol:

You're still using the Karuna with borked greebles at the stern. It was fixed by the BP team already, try asking them for a good version.


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