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RE-RELEASE: Dimensional Eclipse ver. 1.1b

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Greetings and thank you for this campaign. The setup and anime feeling is perfect.

In this note I have a question. While the Blizzard fist perfectly in the scenario, and with the general style of mecha design of the campaign, I think IHMO that the follow-up crafts for HA do not fit. Such as that balck craft you get to use in chapter 2, or even worse, that horse-shoe shaped fighter. The airplanes from yukikaze are also a tight fit, still IHMO. In this re-release has the above been changed?
Thank you for the inormation and for everything

When trying to download the Visual2 file I had to fill out a captcha and it was "There is no Spoon".

Weirded me out...

Do not believe those dirty lies

Yeah, i forgot which one has captcha, I didn't get that one of course, but I do remember it was some weird words.

Great! You finally released it.
Firstly, is Singularity as separate campaign in the campaign selection room? If its there I didn't see it.
Something's wrong with the sound. There are no explosion, interface or even afterburner initiated sound.


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