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Saving problem, Where does Fred2 save the missions?

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Hey all,
I created a mission and it's been saving to the desktop. Exactly what folder in Freespace2 should Fred2 open be saving it too? I want to move this into the correct folder so I can run the mission which I currently can't as Fred2 cannot find it.

Thanks all.

To get the mission in-game, you'll need to save it to Freespace2/data/missions.  If it's a mission based on a particular mod, you'll want to stick it in the data/missions folder of whatever mod it's associated with.

Thanks for the info. Why it was saving to my desktop is beyond me.   :hopping:

Thanks again :)

Hey all, apologies for bumping this, got a bit of a headscratcher.

I created a couple test missions for fun, but cannot seem to figure out where it actually needs to be saved to for FSOpen to see it. I'm tinkering with Inferno right now, but have thoughts on doing something with Blue Planet as well. Where do my .fs2 files need to go? I tried in /freespace2/data/missions as well as in the /data/missions folders of the specific mods, but no joy. FOr the mods, I have had to create the missions folder manually, too. Do I also need to insert it into the mods' .VP files?

Go to the Inferno folder, make a folder called "data", within that, make a folder called "missions", put the mission in there. Same applies to all mods, basically, except replace Inferno with the respective mod's folder.


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