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Antipodes is a staging ground for changes that will eventually make their way into trunk. Antipodes should not be considered stable.

Antipodes is released in Debug (non-SSE), Release (non-SSE) and Release (SSE2) builds on Windows in order to facilitate testing and debugging.
Additionally, Antipodes provides PDBs for debug build call stack generation.

The current schedule is:

Antipodes #6: Speed Racer (Committed r6627)
Antipodes #7: Swifty's HUD code (Committed r6833)
Antipodes #8:  Taylor's new pilot code (Committed r9561-9563)
Antipodes #never: Zacam and Flaming_Sword - new EFF material (SCP Internal), progress unknown
Antipodes #9:SDL Everywhere, Haptic support everywhere, apply SDL2 to the entire platform base, including Windows, and apply Taylor's new SDL_Haptic joystick code updates
Antipodes #10: Wanderer's Objecttypes expansion (Take #2), to fully support creation of new ship types

The Antipodes schedule is subject to change at short notice, and this will be reflected here.

Antipodes will generally follow the checklist on the Wiki (as of Antipodes #5):
Antipodes Commit Checklist

The reason we do this is because these are not small, isolated changes, but rather larger changes that may need more checking than others.

The voice rec/speech code overhaul might deserve a slot too :)

A user did post a supposedly working proof of concept for this recently.  Haven't heard much about it since.

can we also get fred2 builds with antipodes?

what is the "new EFF material" supposed to mean? finer controls in eff's or?

A container file-type so that instead of having 60+ DDS files spamming a directory for an Animated Glowmap or weapon effect, you just have one file that houses them all in a way that FSO will read. But it probably will mean finer controls as well.


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