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James Razor:
Could someone put up a summary of the storyline so far with maybee the latest issue of the cutscenes somewhere?

It is been a while since i played through BP and would like to know what has been added. Unfortunately currently i do not have the time to reinstall Freespace 2 and get playing again, but i would like to know what has happened in the meantime.

If there allready is such a thing someone might be so nice and send me a PM with the link.

Thank you in advance.

PS: If the latest cutscene are allready on youtube for example, pls send me link to those, because i searched them and didnt find.

Here's some of the cutscenes (that I could find in a hurry), not 100% sure they're all the latest versions.

AoA Credits:
WIH start:
WIH end:
Act 3 start:
Act 3 end:


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