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Hello everyone,
first of all, congratulations for this awesome game, it looks fabulous!
I don't know if you guys still need to but I would like to be able to help to the extent of my abilities:
3D Generalist, use Blender and have low poly modeling experience for gaming and augmented reality applications. UV mapping, rigging, and especially animation.
My game experience is mostly rigging and animation associated with applications for mobile phones and RA with copyright and so I can´t show. I leave here some exemples of modeling that I have on facebook and a link to a short animation that, except for the music and logo, everything was made by me.

Facebook -
Short movie and others-

If its of interest, email me :)


Hello Diaspora team, take a look at some of my work on modelling, texturing and animating, here at my DeviantArt page:
I'm from Brazil and i'm currently working on 2 Brazilian game projects, called 171 and Challenges: O Início.

PM sent.


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