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The state of audio (OpenAL) in FreeSpace 2 Open

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The dll is installed to your System32 or SysWOW64 directory under Windows directory. However, you should run regsvr32 -u OpenAL32.dll in command prompt before you delete the file, if that is your intention.

The module "OpenAL32.dll" was loaded but the entry-point DllUnregisterServer was not found.

That's no good. wtf happend to my oal install?

Will it work to delete the dll then use something like ccleaner to remove its registry entries?

The E:
Nothing happened. Openal does not install any handlers via regserv.

This solved a long ongoing bug for me.  When playing any campaign, I would lose VA (even retail campaign) and music after a mission or two.  Cool find.  :yes:

Surprisingly I had more problems with this new OpenAL32.dll than with the old Creative's OpenAL. Here is what happened:

- I downloaded the binary package and then extracted and renamed win32\soft_oal.dll into Freespace 2\OpenAL32.dll
- I removed "Open AL" from the Windows 7 x64's "programs and features"
- Now the wxLauncher cannot find OpenAL! I cannot change any audio options, like sample rate or playback device.
- However it lets me to start the game, and from the log file I can verify that it DID indeed load the new openal32.dll:

--- Code: ---Initializing OpenAL...
  OpenAL Vendor     : OpenAL Community
  OpenAL Renderer   : OpenAL Soft
  OpenAL Version    : 1.1 ALSOFT 1.15.1

  Found extension "AL_EXT_float32".
  Found extension "ALC_EXT_EFX".

  Sample rate: 48000 (48000)
  EFX enabled: NO
  Playback device: Speakers (ASUS Xonar Essence STX Audio Device)
  Capture device: Microphone (ASUS Xonar Essence STX Audio Device)
... OpenAL successfully initialized!
--- End code ---

- The game seems to start nicely, but then I discover a bug that wasn't there before. I get this "pof" sound every time I change pages in the "Briefing screen" with narrated audio. You know, that screen which contains news and stuff, not the tactical map.

- Also one of the old annoyances remain: DPC latency spikes. In tutorial mission, if I just fly around without any afterburners (and without any background noices altogether), i get this quiet popping sound every few seconds from my humming engines (looping sound file). It might be because of my sound card. Man I should just switch to Unixonar drivers since these official ones have given problems at least 1-2 games, id software's RAGE was probably the worst.

BTW this is the program that enables to analyze DPC Latency:

So, I guess I should go back to the old version of OpenAL for now.


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