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Hi guys, here is a Oculus VR FS2 Open test I've been mucking around with.
I'm not sure if you have people already working on VR or not, I don't follow the forum these days.

I've hacked a Oculus 0.6 sample into the osapi system, set the camera to a free look position outside the player ship which now has basic AI orders. I've had to turn a bunch of stuff off that isn't working and have no plans to work on getting a HUD working. My idea as such wasn't to make FS2 VR but make an experience that uses the engine and levels.

To run it you will need a DK1 (tested) or DK2 (untested) and Oculus runtime 0.6 or higher installed.
You should also setup a default pilot under normal launch options if you dont already have one.

Run with the following flags:  -ovr -window -start_mission SM2-04.fs2 -no_unfocused_pause -nomotiondebris

If anyone has a go and finds any missions that are particularly fun to experience please let me know. Avoid fog missions.

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Can a mod move this to 'Test Builds'. Thanks.

Bryan See:
Though I don't have an Oculus Rift VR headset, I'll try this build, and post here if I have any problems.

Thanks Bryan, hopefully even without a rift it will run in a window. Though if you dont have Oculus runtime I imagine it will fail or crash. I was going to post a new build with Oculus upgraded to 0.8 but I need to sort out some colour space issues.

Would be nice to have 3D passive screens support as well. There is lot of 3d TVs and some monitors. (I have both).  Was fun to play in ELITE DANGEROUS in 3d


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