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The CMake build system

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It's intentional, if you want to copy the executable to your FS2 folder you need to build the INSTALL target. For that you need to either set the FS2PATH environment variable or set the CMake variable CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX to your FS2 path.

Okay, here's the issue. I have Diaspora, TBP and FS2 which are obviously installed in different directories. I need to be able to run, debug and play all of them. In the past, I'd simply point the debugger at whichever executable was in the relevent folder.

What am I supposed to do now?

If you take a look at the Readme in the repository you would notice that you can set the FSO_FREESPACE_PATH CMake variable to set in which directory the executable is run. You can set that to the root of the desired TC and use that to debug that specific TC.
You can also set the working directory directly because I removed the code that would always change the current directory to the location of the executable.

Ah, okay so the latter should solve my issues.

The pull request 788 may cause an error upon configuration since the sdlmain setup was changed. If that happens, delete the cache and rerun the configuration in the CMake GUI. That should fix it.


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