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How the west was lost:

I found a minor oversight in the mission where you need to escort cargo ships to a civilian station that is unhappy that you are seizing goods. There is a GNN shuttle broadcasting, if you shoot them with a lethal weapon they will run away but not panic. But if you shoot them with the Shield Breaker weapon nothing will happen and after a volley I got my fighter controls locked and I was court marshalled for shooting at friendlies.

EDIT: Same issue with Flail

EDIT: Also at the end of the mission I received the vocal command to return to base and saw it in the mission objectives and then I got the desertion message at the debrief about being confined to brig for abandoning the mission. However it is counting as a mission success.

EDIT: In the top paragraph of the debrief its complaining about my piloting skills as it says I lost some cargo ships. However I don't think any were lost but Ive been getting this message after a couple tries. I also noticed that the mission debrief doesnt take into account how I handled the dock workers, Neither shooting them or being passive was mentioned at the end, although I noticed killing the dock workers would cause additional enemies to spawn and dialogue to change in mission.

Thanks for the report. Some of these we've fixed locally. The rest we'll get taken care of before the next release.  :yes:


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