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I have been experimenting with a few ways of optimizing the graphics performance of FSO in the past few weeks and one of those optimizations uses a rather new way of addressing textures in our shaders. This should improve the CPU overhead while rendering the scene so these changes should be especially useful for people with less powerful CPUs.

Here are the builds for all platforms:

I would like to know if these changes work at all (it should be enabled on recent AMD and Nvidia GPUs) and if you see any performance improvements. As far as I know, Intel does not support this extension but a few tests with those GPUs certainly wouldn't hurt to make sure that FSO still works even if the extension is not available.

Works ok in game on Nvidia and Intel. But it crash (on both GPUs) in F3 Lab when I choose debris for any ship.

Thank you for the report. I found the issue and fixed it. The builds above should be fixed relatively soon.

Trivial Psychic:
Is this something that would be enabled on an AMD 5770 GPU?

The E:

--- Quote from: Trivial Psychic on September 24, 2017, 11:34:07 am ---Is this something that would be enabled on an AMD 5770 GPU?

--- End quote ---

The 5770 should support the necessary extensions, but you should definitely test it!


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