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This just affect model textures since that is the most CPU intensive part of the rendering pipeline. Since I can't even test this code on my current machine since the drivers crash if I try to use bindless textures it will probably be some time until I can open a pull request for this.

No more crash on nvidia.

That's great! Thanks for testing.


--- Quote from: m!m on October 08, 2017, 11:00:23 am ---That's weird since the changes do not change how the briefing window is drawn but some of the other changes may have broken that. Just to confirm, are you using the newest nightly build as the "normal" build?

--- End quote ---
Interesting thing. New build fixed issue with briefing window on unsupported hardware. ;)

Maybe it was something unrelated to the bindless texturing then. I updated the changes to the newest source version so there may have been a fix for that issue.


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