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Bindless Texturing test builds

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The current builds do not indicate in an obvious way if bindless texturing is used so I updated the branch so that it prints that information on launch. The test builds above should be updated soon.


--- Code: ---Checking graphics capabilities:
  Bindless texturing: Disabled
--- End code ---

Well, atleast I tested it on usupported hardware :P

I found some issues.
Cutscenes doesn't scale up.
And other is visible on screenshot. First is from normal build, second is from bindless.

[attachment stolen by Russian hackers]

That's weird since the changes do not change how the briefing window is drawn but some of the other changes may have broken that. Just to confirm, are you using the newest nightly build as the "normal" build?

Yes, it was 17 september build.

I cannot reproduce your issue with retail FS2 data. Were you using any mods or special command line options? A log file would probably also help.


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