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Hello there!
I've not got that much to show to you this time around, but I do have some words on what you should be expecting for EP2.

First of all, more complex missions.

EP1 had very simplistic mission design, almost to a degree I found unacceptable, but it was sort of necessary to ease the player into the overall world, the new flight model and much faster pace in general.

EP2 hereby assumes the player is now used to the new flight model, so now there's no excuse to not go all out with complexity.

I'll tinker around with what's feasible, but if all goes as planned, expect some proper bossfights in several missions, along with the properly set up crafting system. And just much more meat per mission in general.

With the new animation system, I'm also playing around with the possibility of mecha missions.

It's very crude right now, but I'm experimenting with how far I can go with this new thing.

Anyway, now for an art update. Every time I finish a character I roll a die to see who's up next. After the elf it was Captain Shiranui.

Truth be told, her sprite initially was the one I hated the most in terms of quality. I'm so much happier with how it looks now.
Though disclaimer, don't worry I won't do an art update every single episode. This is pretty much the quality I'm fine with settling on.

It's time for another art update.

First up was Izumi Phobos. Actually one of my favorite designs, but the last sprite was just awful.

Now I'd argue she looks pretty cute. I also took the opportunity to unbutton her jacket here in order to make her look more casual, as she'd be exactly the type to wear it like that.

Next one on the list then was Melanie Eternity, the Lead Engineer on the Cyclone's hangar deck. Her sprite looked visually alright but suffered from massive problems relating to line thickness, to the point where the downscaling caused most of the linework to either be barely visible or completely invisible. Also the shading sucked.


Amongst one of my (dumber) ideas I had for EP2 would be one really really big ground battle. Well, everything's finally laid out now, all I need to do for it is to actually make the pieces do stuff.

Making the terrain not look awful was a nightmare and a half, but the rest was actually quite fun.

Development has hit a complete standstill as I am trying to sort out a series of increasingly concerning real life problems and financial issues. Would love to continue working on this but it would be rather difficult to do so if I'm out on the streets.

If you have further queries, please send a PM to this account.


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