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My 3 other versions of my mod "Realistic flight stats for Diaspora!"


Hi everyone !

I uploaded my 3 other versions of my mod for Diaspora yesterday:

Each version is less nervous than the previous one!

My "Newbie" version has been specially balanced for keyboard/mouse management.

However, NEVER "piloting" with my keyboard/mouse - from good to dogfight, I will go to very bad ... so I am not doing this test myself ... - could you, please, do this test , thank you ! :)
I would already like to know, if the fighters are too manoeuvrable, or not, with my "Newbie" version.

Thank you in advance for your feedback on all my versions!

Good game everyone !


well, balancing flight performance (speeds, handling and acceleration) for all levels of piloting is practically impossible!
the one and only solution is to have at least one 12 hunters in each camp.
(why: to be able to properly scale the incrementation of the perf with a maximum amplitude!)
So there are still a lot of hunters missing for the moment in Diaspora, so that I can balance it in this way ...

in absolute terms, "balancing" the flight perfs for everyone invariably amounts to leveling them down !!!
(gameplay that will not please players addicted to real little racing cars, with leveled performance from the top!)
with the vision of the old school of space doghfigt embodied by Star Wars and totally recovered by the X-Wing and Wings Commander series !!!
(or we literally pilot tanks of assaults! ...)

A vision that has now become totally achaic and obsolete!
the 2 "Independence War" of Particle Systems, have passed away :slight_smile:
Games of which the excellent series "The Expance" and "BattleSart Galactica" are the direct reference!
(with the "Ender Strategy")
And which school do you think BSG belongs to? modern obviously! The one already embodied by Macross / Robotech and the
2 "Independence War".
(with a truly futuristic and modern vision, started on the flight performances, much more nervous than in the old school)
And for the last 35 years almost all the devs on
these games develop the gameplay of the old school ...
the big problem is that in addition to being a totally worn out gameplay and leveling down in its vision / design / development, it is almost always designed by devs who have not the slightest knowledge in aeronautics, nor no ability to extrapolate the probable technological advances of the future !!!
(To put it simply, almost all of the devs and players have almost no imagination on the subject, and moreover, they don't really care!)

If I explain all this to you, it is so that you understand that I have a good grasp of the subject, and that in addition, as a dyslexic I do not think like everyone else ...
I remind you that I rebalanced a 15 of games of the genre (with the vision of the modern school), that in addition I have thousands of hours of flight to my credit, and in addition a good level in dogfigh ...
I know what I'm doing!

for your information I play DCS (it's not my 1st real flight simulator), and you would be familiar with simulation games you would be that you always have 2 or 3 options on the flight physics engine:
the simplified, the average and the difficult.

this makes real sims more accessible to a larger number of players!
I therefore took up the idea that I transferred to the flight perfs.
the objective being the same as with the physics engine!

therefore, if I have made several versions of perf of flight with Diaspora it is no accident: it is the one and only viable solution
not that they are leveled down, and be totally consistent with those of the Vipers in the series !!!
And be sure that with a gameplay leveled from the top, Diapora, could probably interest a good number of DCS players (I am one of them), especially since it is free!
the ideal would be to eventually have access to these options via the options menu of the game! and that's precisely what it is: new game options, just like with the difficulty levels of video games!
it's just that they're on flight performance, and we've never seen this before, as far as I know ...

so, thank you for making an effort to be open-minded :slight_smile:
you might be surprised by the potential of such a concept ...
it is more of an evolutionary gameplay, where you will not be stuck with one and only way of piloting ...

... so, how do I manage the tree structure of my files, please? :slight_smile:
(if finally I can not put all my versions at the same time, I would like to put my "Ace" version :))

how to have my 4 version in Diaspora:

by adding - if possible - a new "Gameplay" options tab (after the "Detail" tab).
with my 4 versions of stats in link inside, and like that, a maximum of players will be able to find there their version most adapted to their pilot levels!

in addition, it allows to have an evolving gameplay, with 4 partially different ways of playing!

hi everyone!

I uploaded my latest version yesterday :)

I reduced the following values in the "ai.tbl" file:
"evasion" and "Max Aim Update Delay" for Cylons and Colonniaux; as well as "Glide Attack Percent", "Circle Strafe Percent", "Glide Strafe Percent" in the file "Ai_profiles.tbl".

the game is therefore easier! however, I can still reduce all of these values one step further, if necessary.

So, thank you for testing the "Newbie" and "Able" versions of my mod as a priority! :)

and tell me, please, if it's still too difficult, or not, for you, thank you. :)

good game everyone :)

hi everyone!

I downloaded my latest version today 🙂

I reduced the following values ​​in the "ai.tbl" file:
"Evasion" and "Max Aim Update Delay" for Cylons and Colonniaux, with "Accuracy" for Cylons; as well as "Glide Attack Percent", "Circle Strafe Percent", "Glide Strafe Percent" in the file "Ai_profiles.tbl".
(with the versions of my low values; on my v2.3.6 it is my average values, and for my previous versions my high values).

so the game is even easier now! however, I can still reduce all of these values ​​a bit more, if necessary.
(but there, I would have reached the strict minimum of these values!)

So, thank you for testing the "Newbie" and "Able" versions of my mod first, on "easy" and "normal" difficulty! 🙂

and tell me, please, if it is still too difficult or not for you, thank you. 🙂

good game everyone !


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