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RELEASE: The Great War: Vasudan Imperium

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Androgeos Exeunt:

I remember playing the VI demo many years ago and being very impressed with what I saw (even though I kept getting spawnkilled on an asteroid in one mission if I switched from the default ship selection). Belated congratulations on the full release.

Finally finished both branches of the campaign.  Terrific work, Galemp, this is an outstanding campaign. :yes:  The story was well-written, the missions were fun to play, and the plot was compelling.  I enjoyed the little tie-ins and shout-outs, and I loved the inverted take on Silent Threat: Reborn.  There were also a whole bunch of nice touches: the HOL reskins, the music, the use of the Sekhmet, Nahema, and Gorgon, and especially the ending cutscene in the HOL branch.

Now we just need to recreate Sesquipedalian's voice generation process so we can get this voice-acted. :D


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