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Title: Exile - Introduction
Post by: Nyctaeus on March 11, 2016, 01:45:54 pm
Exile - Act I: Into the Dark Waters

* * *

'I do not fear the destroyers, my friend. I don't blame them for what they did to us during the Great War. I know they were designed simply to destroy, and... I didn't find their actions evil as they are not devilish by nature, as most of us see them. I rather see them as a tool. Maybe even a key to our bright future, to grant humanity with power greater than we could ever dream of. I give you this key, my friend. I give you all that we archived since we first encountered the Shivans in Ross 128 in 2335, and one day I will want it back. And I will want it back... enhanced'

Admiral Marcus Rossendarch, GTD Holmgard, 2337

'We knew that some day they would find a way to our isolated homeworld. But instead of preparing for their arrival, Galactic Terran Alliance and its successor - Earth Federated Nations - fell more and more deeply into corruption and stagnation. A dying superpower lead by miracles of its former glory and torn apart by opposing groups of interests exploiting the outer planets. We had no other choice but to rebel. We created our own future by challenging those who kept our colonies enslaved. If Earthers are not prepared to defend us from the Shivans, we will find our own way. And we will find it no matter the cost'
Fleetmaster Christian Glenzmann, ORD Thor, on the origins of Outer Rim Syndicate, 2342

'...Their legacy is magnificent. It is the path to our promised land, offered to us who have passed the trials of the divine ones. Through the cacophony of our quest and our suffering, our faith and perseverance alone have brought us here. Once we traverse the path, the galaxy shall be returned to silence - those who do not embrace the gifts of God will not gain salvation. However, God is generous. He provides us with strength to gather our brethren before we make our final voyage. People, rejoice! We now stand at Heaven's door! We have not given up, and we have been rewarded for our faith. Do not let it waver! May the light of salvation watch over us!'
Muhammad Al-Zardari, ORS High Magistrate, "At Heaven's Door", 2367

'What if every tactics used, every strategy deployed, every single resource spent against the enemy... What if all we have to save our home... Is not enough?'
Unknown, 2367

* * *

Exile is complete modification to Freespace 2 Source Code Project and fan-made continuation of official storyline. It's a complex mod designed to extend every aspect of the game.

Exile is direct continuation of events from classic Freespace 2 game, from perspective of ORS pilot Thomas "Spark" Gibson. Join the Outer Rim Syndicate, an unique faction and a colonial superpower established to confront Earth Federated Nations - Galactic Terran Alliance corrupted successor. Face off the Shivan armada that invaded Sol system after strange subspace cataclysm in 2367. You will fight, you will suffer, you will be terrified and exhausted but... Will you win? Outcome of this war may be different than you ever imagined...

Experiance first act of the saga - Into the Dark Waters. Exile is planned as an outstanding four-act-long history, independent from any other fan-made continuation. Experience gehenna of war without chances, explore unknown systems, face off intrigues, discover ancient forgotten secrets and confront the darkness of your own people...

27 action-packed missions and cutscenes with varied gameplay, from patrols to massive space battles. Make choices that will shape humanity's future and be prepared to face their consequences. Fight with minimal logistic support on planet orbits, inside gas giants, nebulae and in dark, unknown realms of space far beyond anything you know. Enjoy new types of missions with unique mechanics never seen in any campaign before. Confront our old nemesis with Fury's AI with a fleet of new ships and arsenal of tremendous weapons.

Experience campaign of the best possible visual quality, made in age of FSO 3.8.0 and MediaVPs 2014. Exile is a complete mod of outstanding size, with plenty of new models, effects, backgrounds, music, sounds and much more!

* * *

Gameplay Features

* * *

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