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Am i stupid ? (spoiler)

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Hello, first of all, very good job on your campaign, i have great pleasure to play it.

Spoiler alert now ;)

Now the problem, this mission in space suit, objective : "get to a ship" , very well, rushing to the titan, as espected, he leave in  front of me, and i finally dock on this freighter, and the, debriefing, i click on accept and it say the mission is failure and i can't accept with the triple choice, quit, return to main menu or restart mission ....

do i miss something ? is there a fighter somewhere where i can go in ? i'm a bit lost to be honest.

I had the same problem yesterday. After several tries (including cheats) I resigned, got myself killed five times and advanced to the next mission.

Same here. Prolly a bug. Post a debug in the release thread

Mito [PL]:
Are you guys using 1.0.0 version of Aftermath or the recent update?

Now the recent one :)


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