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A goodbye and final update from Herkie

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I recently got some bad news Herkie sent me on FB he gave me permission to post about here (I'm paraphrasing his message).

Because of the mess the world's in and for other reasons, Herkie's finances have taken a bad turn.  He told me he had to sell his computer (he has a phone he's able to post on FB with) to be able to make sure he can take care of his family because things have got bad right now.  He basically said he can survive to take care of his family but he's had to make a lot of cuts.  Unfortunately that computer he sold had all his Freespace stuff/data on it.  It sounds like he wasn't able to make a backup off of that computer of the stuff.  The person he sold the computer to reformatted the computer and Herkie lost all of his data (Freespace, Aftermath:  Reboot, and Aftermath II:  TBG).  It's gone totally.  He also said that even if he was able to keep the data, that it would be years before he could afford another gaming computer that could successfully work on Freespace stuff and making/editing campaigns and AFR/TBG.

He also said that he's over 60 now and feels like the modding/campaign scene is passing him by and he wants to spend more time with his family. 

So I'm sorry to say there won't be any more Reboot or TBG updates unfortunately (unless someone is somehow able to get the October 23 updates onto the Knossos page for Reboot and TBG).

He appreciates all the people who have played his campaigns and thanks you for the time he was able to spend here the last few years.

He also told me he might try to get on here in the near future to make a more personal goodbye post.

Sad to see another modder go, but I believe Herkie knows what is best for himself and wish him the best of luck in whatever he does.  :yes:

I sincerely hope his living situation improves, 2020 has taken too much away from too many.

This is sad, wishing Herkie and his family the best. Be safe!

Speaking of the mod, if somebody could kindly get the Knossos version up to date, it'd be extremely handy and useful. MVPs compatibility could be ensured over time by contributors.  :yes:

I'm disheartened to hear that. Herkie has put enormous effort into what he did - whether it was fighting terrorists to keep his country safe or making one of the most labor-intense campaigns even under difficult odds; that he got cought in this level of trouble is saddening. I don't know what to say, as I'm just a random person on the internet, but I hope that Herkie eventually overcomes all the challenges he is facing.

We live in difficult times. It's always a sorry to hear such things, but considering his situation, I think he made a right decision. RL is always more important.

Godspeed, Herkie! We will greet you with open hands if you handle your situation and decide to return.


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