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Hello HLP comrades and fellow modders,

As you already know through CT27's post, things had took a bad turn turn for me. It was inevitable. And even though I would eventually recover my financial status and somehow bought a new computer sooner, I will still be stumped with my physical status. I am already a senior citizen, I am in my twilight years so to speak. I brain is no longer the same as it was 10 years ago. Though I am still sharp for a guy with my age and even sharper than my fellow seniors, campaign modding is a different animal altogether. It requires tremendous focus, concentration, memory retention, and tenacity which is hard to do at this age. So this is where I exit and finally say to myself "I am too old for this."

But rest assured that I will still be here in HLP while I still draw breath. I will continue to post hints and answers from time to time. Even though there will no longer be any updates from me, I will still be with you. I have done my best to cover every bug and error in my mods in the last October update and while there will be some, they are not game-breaking. There will still be bugs that I had overlooked and some adjustments that must be made but I will no longer be the one who will fix it. Therefore at this point, I will say...

I submit both of my mods, "The Aftermath: Reboot" and "The Blue Guardian" for restoration. Anyone who wishes to fix, adjust, modify, and improve these mods, I give you my leave to do so. You have all my permission. Just contact CT27 to coordinate with him as he is now at the helm. If you decide to modify or edit the mods, you will find that it is actually very easy especially "The Blue Guardian" (TBG). All the mission events or SEXPs are properly organized and itemized and the way I arranged these mission "events," you can even picture what will transpire in a mission in your head without actually playing or testing it. The modular tables are pretty basic, no fancy stuffs and some of them have my comments. However, you will find many odd numbers in there, values that are not "normal." But every entry or data in those tables I have written are deliberate, from hitpoints, shield values, to speeds and etc. Those numbers have a reason and purpose and most of them to solve some game mechanics. One notable thing that you will find strange, in the some mission designs that involve fast (200m/s) Rigelian ships, is how I placed their waypoints. There is an explanation for that in the mission description or remarks. That is just one example. Some will say that I have an unorthodox way of designing missions, I even read one post that I broke every rule in FREDding. Well, that's how I make things. So have care in modifying those values. If you have any questions on details, contact me and I will answer.

So that's about it. Like I said, I may be retired from modding but that won't stop me from being a contributing member in HLP. You will still see me here.

For everyone... I thank you all! It was one hell of a ride. You gave this old man the time of his life.

Keep on blasting!

I'm sorry to hear this but I really hope you will be able to assist as an advisor any community member willing to restore The Aftermath. This mod deserves it. Wishing you all the best!  :yes:

Mito [PL]:
To be honest, it's amazing that you managed to craft these mods with your situation in the first place. I think everyone here is wishing you good luck in the future, even if they don't post about it, and so am I.

Allowing community to further improve your campaigns is a very wise approach. Even if there isn't a massive restoration action, someone might jump in for a moment here and there and squash some bug or fix some strange behaviour. It's really heartwarming to see.

Also, if you're thinking of visiting HLP once in a while, consider the HLP Discord server. There's a lot of activity there, a bunch of regulars and Discord is quite comfortable to use from a phone. While discussions are much faster paced than on the forum, it's a lovely place.

General Battuta:
We love you Herkie


--- Quote from: Mobius on December 19, 2020, 05:26:28 am ---I'm sorry to hear this but I really hope you will be able to assist as an advisor any community member willing to restore The Aftermath. This mod deserves it. Wishing you all the best!  :yes:

--- End quote ---

Yes, of course. They can reach me via Facebook Messenger for instant response (search for name, Hercules Del Soccrro or my handle herkie433) or just PM me here.


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