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Change log:
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Big Feature: MSAA

The return of a long forgotten feature, with optimizations and improvements. Noticeable reduction to artifacts caused by subpixel geometry and glinting.

Big Feature: SCPUI

A modernized approach to defining menus in FS
Tired of having your Menus in FSO be at a resolution of potato? Use SCPUI to have them rendered from Fake-HTML to the actual screensize as opposed to a prebuilt graphics!
Tired of being limited to whatever people in the SCP hardcoded in for buttons? Use SCPUI to define buttons and all other manner of shenanigans as Lua-code just as you like.
Tired of needing to replace a bajillion interface graphics to reskin FSO? Use SCPUI, and especially Mjn's existing collection of Lua, CSS, Fake-HTML and images, and you only need to replace about 250 graphics.

Big Feature: Localized Volumetric Nebulae

Allows specifying a POF as the "hull" of a nebula, which will be rendered using ray marching
Further details can be found on the GitHub Pull Request
Note: As this is a new feature, many improvements and optimizations remain to be made
Adapted from Andrew Schneider's 2015 SIGGRAPH talk "The real-time volumetric cloudscapes of Horizon: Zero Dawn"


  • Per bank autoaim


  • Fix CTD on bad legacy animation data
  • Add proper time wrapping for Animations
  • Actually handle a mssing Fade_anim properly


  • Organize and map additional keys to librocket
  • Catch when SDL fails to open a joystick that is enumerated by the OS


  • Add SpaceMouse support
  • Add pre-parse enums support
  • Add music player to FRED
  • Enhanced SEXP comments
  • FRED Dialog for Volumetrics
  • QoL improvements to Object Editor
  • Add FRED support for the "required weapon" feature
  • SEXP Tree search and filter


  • Campaign Editor
  • Add SpaceMouse support
  • Make 'player starts in chase view' a toggle


  • "The other great shader flag removal effort"
  • Enhance handling of motion debris
  • Expose texture filtering as a built-in option
  • Improved particle culling and performance
  • Optimized trail renderer
  • Beam Particles
  • Multiple lighting profiles
  • Use volume particles for poofs
  • Optimize for simple trails
  • Kink shamed the laser bitmaps


  • Flag to apply HUD shudder to chase view
  • Add missing HUD gauges
  • Explicitly do not split lines when making the message log


  • Add some XSTR entries


  • Mapify built-in strings
  • Allow gameplay_profiles.tbl to be an alias of ai_profiles.tbl
  • Modular rank table
  • Toggle auto-assigning personas
  • Add some parameters for corkscrew starting angle
  • Add clip planes to game_settings.tbl
  • Add +Use ship as a Template
  • Modular messages table
  • Add arbitrary curves support
  • Traitor overrides
  • Add support for loose lz4 compressed files
  • Add per-species warp effects


  • Fix submodel sanity check
  • Fix techroom modelnum references
  • Adjust movement sanity checks to account for more situations
  • Modular POF Features 2
  • Add fov values to .pof models
  • Add a Translation Moveable
  • Remove model octants
  • Fix glowpoints on animated submodels
  • Update type_flags when dock name changes
  • Add additional checks for Animation List handling of nonexistent polymodel instances
  • Virtual POFs: Modify Subsystems
  • Validate chunk size to avoid alignment crash and add align skip flag


  • Generic Lua Multiplayer RPC


  • Increase sound update rate
  • Add line of sight as an optional AI override


  • turret-fired-since, returns true if the specified turret has fired in the last N milliseconds
  • is-ship-emp-active, returns true if the specified ship or list of ships is currently under an EMP effect
  • turret-has-primary and turret-has-secondary, returns true if the specified turret contains the specified weapon
  • has-armor-type, returns true if the specified ship or subsystem has the specified armor type
  • OPF_ANY_HUD_GAUGE and OPF_EVENT_NAME, new Lua SEXP parameters
  • Enhance Dynamic SEXPs with parent parameters
  • Add "afterburn hard" AI goal flag


  • Add option to deprecate hooks
  • Get audiostream duration in float seconds
  • Lua method to check if the game has focus
  • On warp complete hook
  • Allow Lua to set the Discord presence to custom strings
  • Add virtvars for goal satisfaction and score
  • Allow scripts to read and add LuaEnums
  • Funcs and virtvars for SCPUI pause screen
  • Expose pausing weapon sounds
  • Make collision_group_id accessible to parse objects
  • Pass shortcut key character to Lua as a hook variable
  • Lua method to free all loaded models
  • On Asteroid Created hook
  • SCPUI methods required for handling closeup briefing icons
  • Expose some Nebula settings to Lua
  • SCPUI mission log
  • SCPUI APIsfor the Game Help UI, medals access, and control config
  • Force expand wings instead of toggle for SCPUI
  • Add misc. validity checks
  • Convert hotkey types to enum
  • Finalize SCPUI API
  • Blocking On Frame executor
  • SCPUI Hud Config API
  • Configurable restriction for ships that accept Lua player orders
  • Add ship:isPlayer()
  • Lua access to default countermeasures class
  • Flag to check if a ship or weapon class is player allowed
  • Add hooks for comm menu opening/closing


  • Improve CFLAGS handling


Deprecations are a mechanism in FSO where a certain feature or aspect of the engine has changed or is no longer supported. Since this would normally break existing mods we have the mod table feature "$Target Version:" with which a mod can specify what version of FSO it was developed with. The features listed above will be removed or changed when the target version of a mod is at least the version released in this post.

Previous 23.0.0 Release Thread

Launchers, if you don't have one already:
All platforms: For every day use, we recommend Knossos, an integrated solution for downloading and launching mods.

Hidden Text: Alternative Launchers • Show
Cross-platform: wxLauncher 0.12.x Test Build (ongoing project for a unified launcher, you should upgrade to the latest RC/test build if you have not yet)
Important: For best compatibility with FSO 3.8 and later you should use at least wxLauncher 0.12.

Windows:  Launcher 5.5g (Mirror) (Mirror) Not compatible with Windows 8+, use wxLauncher above
OS X:  Soulstorm's OS X Launcher 3.0
Linux:  YAL or by hand or whatever you can figure out.

Windows (32/64-bit)
Compiled using GitHub Actions on Windows Server 2019 (10.0.17763), Visual Studio Enterprise 2019


This one is based on the SSE2 Optimizations from the MSVC Compiler.

Hidden Text: Alternative builds • Show

64-bit AVX:
This one is based on the AVX Optimizations from the MSVC Compiler (fastest build if your CPU supports AVX instructions).

32-bit AVX:
This one is based on the AVX Optimizations from the MSVC Compiler.

What are those SSE, SSE2 and AVX builds I keep seeing everywhere?
Your answer is in this topic.
Don't want to deal with that? Use Knossos and it will download the best build specifically for your PC!

Linux 64-bit
Compiled with Ubuntu 16.04 LTS 64-bit, GCC 5

These builds use a mechanism called AppImage which should allow these builds to run on most Linux distributions. However, we recommend that you compile your own builds which will result in less issues.
Alternatively, if there is a package in your software repository then you should use that. If you are the maintainer of such a package for a distribution then let us know and we will include that here.

macOS 10.9+, 64-bit (Intel)

These builds are not signed and so by default will fail to launch. To run them simply right-click on the app, click open, then click open again on the security confirmation dialog. You should only have to do this once for each app.
If running the game through Knossos or Knossos.NET this step should not be necessary.

NOTE: macOS builds currently have limited support and may exhibit issues not present on other platforms.

Hidden Text: TrackIR Users • Show
An external DLL is required for FSO to use TrackIR functions.  The following DLL is simply unpacked in to your main FreeSpace2 root dir.
TrackIR is only supported on Windows.
TrackIR SCP DLL (Mirror) (Mirror)

Known issues:
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Added the relevant changelog from the GitHub file.