Author Topic: SCP Wiki Topics to Migrate to GitHub Wiki  (Read 1131 times)

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SCP Wiki Topics to Migrate to GitHub Wiki
Hey Folks!

In an effort to make SCP and coding-related info more visible, we've decided to migrate to GitHub's wiki here. This might also reduce traffic on Hard-Light's wiki to FreeSpace related stuff.

We're looking for wiki writers interested in helping with the migration! You'll need a GitHub account in order to do any edits, however. If you don't want to register, you can still help by pestering your favorite coder with things like MarkDown files or Pastebin pastes. :D
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Re: SCP Wiki Topics to Migrate to GitHub Wiki
Just to clarify, are you referring to migrating everything or just coding-related stuff?
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Re: SCP Wiki Topics to Migrate to GitHub Wiki
Just to clarify, are you referring to migrating everything or just coding-related stuff?
I would assume the latter, especially given this line from the GitHub wiki's main page:
Here, we'll keep the various how-to's, tips, and tricks regarding the FreeSpace 2 Open's source code, as well as a few pointers in cross-platform design and play testing.
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