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[Spoilers] The Texas Seven stuck
Hey guys, it's me again ! The one who is trying so hard to succeed its mission objectives that I get stuck in the end  :D

I did manage to destroy all those pods. On the first "staying alive" try ; on every other tries I got killed because 1) I had virtually no wingmen, since they all had their Weapon subsystem destroyed, and 2) not enough energy to take out all those transports, but i did my best and sacrificed a bit too much hull everytime..

Anyway, to have a bit more of survivability, on this particular run I chose to ignore some of the transports and focus on the fighters instead. I kind of figured out that it was all scripted, and that no matter how many transports dock, I would get to see the "pods escaping" part. In particular, I chose to override Shields instead of Secondary ; I quickly destroy the Horus that attacks me, and then i just went for the pod with all the ballistae I had. Prior to that, I had also weakened them just enough to be at 20% hull for most of them (heading out to fighterbay right when the lady pronounces "something something FIGHTERBAY")

Destroyed them all. Then the mission got stuck.. No "hurray you destroyed all the pods" :(

I had to restart it all, and by chance, it turns out on second try I wasn't able to destroy them all.

I guess those pods are supposed to have a plot armor, but could it be done even more impossible to catch them? If I didn't have ballistae I'm quite sure I wouldn't have been able to catch them, for instance.

Also, on 1st try as soon as I heard about fighterbay, I headed there ; when the pods came in, I figured out they had to be destroyed even though they were green, so I destroyed one of them before it turned red. Didn't end very well, got judged in martial court :(
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Re: [Spoilers] The Texas Seven stuck
All I can say is... If you have to ignore all other orders and rely on a little luck just to complete one task, you're probably going to break the mission.
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Re: [Spoilers] The Texas Seven stuck
Actually i got more and more the impression, that you forgot to really play that game and that not every objective is intended to be won by the player.

In Gerar's Judgement i never understand, why you restarted the mission in the first place only when the Cardinal jumps out. This time i do not understand, why you head directly to the fighterbay if there is no order for you to do that, because your orders are still the protection of the station iirc.
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Re: [Spoilers] The Texas Seven stuck
I did the best I could. When you're very low on Energy with virtually absent teammates, you ain't gonna be of any help to stop transports full of turrets ; that's what i meant by "ignoring some of the transports". It was trying to fullfill the objective & die doing so, or back off a bit, kill some fighters instead, and then come back to the transports if need be.

Except that by the time i regen a bit of energy, the station says that destroying the transports is no longer critical ; and a couple of seconds later, it mentions a problem in fighterbay, so I head out for this figherbay immediately (killing fighters along the way, but sticking close to the fighterbay).

That's when the pods came out and i damaged most of them. I wasn't cheesing through the mission, but when you have so many tasks to do at once and you cannot do them all, you cherry-pick them based on their priority. Ozymandia leaving could not happen given all the efforts that were taken to take him, in my opinion that was a lot more important than destroying the transports that were apparently no longer a threat.

There were still fighters around the station, but surely it could take a bit of a beating with all the fighters protecting it ; sparing out 1 fighter to take out the pod is very efficient given the utmost importance of preventing ozymandia's escape.