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I have the original FS2 and want to play the multiplayer. PXO is dead, so I found this forum in the internet. I have no idea about all these threads and its contents in here. I know now that there is kind of "Open Source" Version of FS2 and Multiplayer might be possible with that. I tried this "FAQ" of "Multiplayer-thread" but which "build" shall I use "3.6.9 candidate "X" " ??? I often got the message "OpenAL32.dll not found" and "cannot read flag file". That confuses me because I haven't any knowledge about all these things... what can I do? How to start?


Start there.

Although your problem is caused by a lack of a proper OpenAL installation it's likely that you've missed other things too.

thank you. seems to work for now.

I can't see any online game within the program. on the server fs2net-site I can see them. i have forwarded the right ports, my friends either. no one sees a game of the other. what is wrong?

Do you have 3.6.9 RC 7 or above (If you used the installer you do). If not get it (recent builds forum).

Otherwise you're not doing anything wrong. Most likely you're seeing games from the 303 squadron's games. They still play using 3.6.7 so you can't see their games in a much more modern version of FS2_Open. They should upgrade really. If I had more time I'd go explain to them exactly why. :)


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