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Problem with Mathewpapa's FAQ

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 well anyway i was reading the faq and i saw a link which he told me to use to download a file. so i clicked it and all it did was take me to a big blank page with just

thanks in advance for any help, a working link to the file would be nice...

That is what the file actually contains.... Try rightclicking the link and selecting 'save as' or something like it

Unknown Target:
The file is actually just a small text document that tells FS2 which IP and port to use for FS2NetD. Simply right click/save as :)

copy and paste what it says to notepad, then save it to you c:\game\freespace2\data directory the naxt step is the filename, its called fs2open_pxo.cfg save it there and overwrite.

your done.

ok thanks, i never had to overwite anything though


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