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The test has concluded, thanks to everyone who participated.

For all of you who missed the first one and all those who would like to give it another go. The WIH multiplayer project is going to have another test in the near future.

The multiplayer pack already has dogfights, TvT missions, and a virtually complete coop mission. We are also experimenting with player controlled capitol ships in both TvT missions and coop missions.

A few new game modes have been implemented, such as Escalation dogfight where players upgrade to a more powerful ship every time they are killed, and Fleet Battle where players can command capitol ships and call in and direct fighter reinforcements to harass the opposing team. (Experimental!)

Last test went really well with 10 or so members participating in a single game. We would like to see that kind of turnout again. Players who can host multiplayer games are extra welcome!!!

Once again, the time and date of this next test will be determined by a consensus between the interested players. If you are interested in participating in Test #2, send me a PM or simply reply to this thread. Just like last time I will update this post with a list of people who would like to participate in the test. Once enough players have joined up, we will pick a time.

Might make it
Planning on coming
Deadly in a Shadow
Buckshee Rounds
Sparda Son 21

Edit: It is highly likely we will be using build 6832 for testing. It's the most recent multiplayer compatible build.,73203.0.html

Be sure to have 6832r (non-debug) if you don't already.

What version of FSO should one be rolling for this?

Most likely the build of choice will be 3.6.12r

Less likely, If we go with nightlies, I believe 6832r is still the most recent multiplayer compatible build.

I will attempt to join you, if that's alright.

 Sunday after will not work for me, after 100 GMT

I am unsure of the rest of the week.

I'll be there, for those who usually ask: ingame name is Kinky.


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