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Internet Connection Type via Knossos?

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--- Quote from: ngld on October 11, 2019, 03:52:16 am ---For the network settings, you'll have to update to Knossos 0.14.0-rc.1. Once you have that version, you should be able to go to the global settings page and then find the "Network" section.

--- End quote ---
Got it. Will this replace 13.3 or will installing it leave me with 2 versions of Knossos?

It will replace your existing Knossos installation. You can use the normal installer and install it in a different directory but then the older Knossos version might have problems loading its configuration since that would've been converted to the new version. However, I'm not sure if there actually were any changes in the configuration format between 0.13.3 and 0.14.0-rc.1. So... uh, you can try but I wouldn't recommend it.

In that case my friend and I will play it safe and wait for the full release. Is there a timeframe for a release, or is it Soon™️? :p


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