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Horrible hit detection on LAN?

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It is getting close to completion,  but some real life issues are just taking up most of my time, and there's one more bug that I am trying to track down.  I probably have enough time to post a working build and send some instructions on how to connect to the experimental standalone(s) some time in the next week.

I look forward to the build! But I understand real life stuff comes first. I'm sure it will be ready when it's ready.

That is great to hear Cyborg!  I understand completely that things are bonkers right now and your work on this is truly appreciated.  I'd love to test out any experimental builds you have cooking whenever you get the opportunity to put them up.  :D

Colonol Dekker:
Hit detection was a bit iffy back in the original on multilayer missions like Rebel Intercept too 👍👍

General Battuta:
Making this game playable in coop would be really good.


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