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RGA makes video tuts!
I've been receiving a lot of questions about conversion lately, so I wanted to make some tutorials about it.

The first tut that I made (ever...) is designed to allow people who do not use Blender for modeling to use it for conversion. You need minimal, if any, experience in Blender to follow the tutorial. This tut is just to provide a foundation to build upon for later tutorials that will cover everything from advanced smoothing to turrets, live debris, and destroyable subs.

This tut is as follows:

Applying Textures
Loading in PCS2

With that, enjoy!

Part 1:

Part 2:

For Blender 2.49b
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Re: RGA makes video tuts!
Great job; this tutorial may actually change my perspective on Blender.  After all, it is the program of choice at HLP.



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Re: RGA makes video tuts!
Wow, superb work man!
I think this addresses a lot of the things I get asked about as well, and it addresses them all very clearly and concisely. :D

(Haha, and I love all the little previews of current FSU projects you get from looking at the other files in your various folders. :p )

But yeah - to anyone even slightly intimidated by the blender->pof conversion process, watch those vids!
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Re: RGA makes video tuts!
Heh, did you notice the shameless Sath plug during the resizing part?
I think I'll call REAL Mahjong 'Chinese Dominoes', just to make people think I'm an ignorant asshat.