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Sandy Mod (includes playable Shivans
Hello everyone! So, I am back after a decade to resume my playable Shivans mod. If you remember this, HURRAY!

First, it SHOULD be on Knossos. It's telling me that but not showing for me.
Anyway, here's the direct download link:

Now, the changelog:
-I don't know where that text file went, but I made some changes to several ships that I do not recall, but I'm fairly certain I changed the GTF Myrmidon to be more maneuverable, and carries Harpoons
-Aten class cruisers now have 2 flak turrets and two VSlash turrets in addition to its AAAfs. I may increase the armor on this as well, but that is not yet done.
-And most importantly, the Shivans are now playable. They are fickle to make work in FRED2, but nothing gamebreaking.

Now, if you're going to make FRED missions, you're going to encounter the following errors:
-Illegal Weapon error. Just ignore it.
-Multiple teams in the same wing. Remember to set all Shivans to friendly and all non-Shivans to hostile.
-Attack orders on same team. See above.
Well, that's all the ones I encountered so far.

Now, if you want to use my mod in anything, be my guest. I've been in the modding scene long enough that I just want people to enjoy my work, and if you can extend that thru your mods, I'll be very happy.
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Re: Sandy Mod (includes playable Shivans
I am finally able to make this mod work on Knossos. I just need to make a few missions and I will upload it in the next day or two.

Re: Sandy Mod (includes playable Shivans
Nice, good luck with that! :yes:

Re: Sandy Mod (includes playable Shivans
Nice, good luck with that! :yes:

Alright, I uploaded it to Knossos, but it gave me an error, and then told me it was already uploaded. Either way, I put it up and also putting it on mediafire for everyone to download if it's not on knossos.

Re: Sandy Mod (includes playable Shivans
Almost forgot, there is currently only one mission where you can play as the Shivans, but I am making more.

Re: Sandy Mod (includes playable Shivans
BTW you can make another topic in the Mission and Campaign releases board, I don't know how many people still come to the modding board (which is more for dev).