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Frozen title screen


I've already posted my problem on the babylon project subforum. Doing as I've been told I'm re-posting my problem here again.

The game just freezes once I reached the game title screen.  I'm using the 3.3 (not a, well ,not yet) client.

Graphic card drivers are somewhat new. Firewall (Kerio) was disabled aswell as enabled, didn't change a thing.

Intel Dual Core 6400
2 GB DDR2 800 Ram
Ati XT1950XTX 512 MB

Suggestions, anyone?

The other thread can be found here;topicseen#new

This thread actually belongs in the new support forum; but don't repost, one of the mods should be along to move it.

I haven't kept up with TBP, so I don't know what build they're using with 3.3. If it's not 3.6.9, you could try running TBP with that build.

1) Run in window mode (launcher > features > dev tools > run in window). Check if there are any pop ups which might freeze the game/cpu.

2) Run debug build. Then search for 'fs2_open.log' and copy-paste it here

I suspect it's the first of those. I knew it was too early in the morning to try to figure out the cause when I moved the topic though. :D


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