Author Topic: How do I create cutscenes?  (Read 1625 times)

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How do I create cutscenes?
I've just started a Babylon 5 campaign for my role-playing group, and wanted to use TBP to generate some appropriate cutscenes that I can throw on the telly at critical junctures (or YouTube between game sessions).

I found enough information to generate the scripts that power a cutscene; I just can't figure out how you actually capture the output as a video file.


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Re: How do I create cutscenes?
I suggest FRAPS, but there are other Screencams, just google Screencam or Screencorder.
FRAPS is not Freeware, but imo the best tool for it.
You also have to use Windows Movie maker to encode the recorded vid to a format Youtube can handle, since every Screencam use it's own format.

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Re: How do I create cutscenes?
Thanks for that. Since I'm on Ubuntu, looks like my best bet is glc.

So to make sure my understanding is reasonably correct here:

  • Create a standalone mission.
  • Make sure I explicitly position the camera (since I'm making a cutscene).
  • Run the mission, using glc (or other screencap) to generate the video.
  • Transcode to something my video editor can understand.
  • Post a link here if I throw anything up on YouTube.  ;)

That seems straightforward enough. Is there a way to interactively switch between cameras, or do I need to do multiple takes and handle it in the video editor?

Any suggestions to avoid artifacting? Optimal settings or mods?


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Re: How do I create cutscenes?
You can switch between camera setups using the various camera sexps found under the change/cutscene heading. Note that FRED does not run natively under Linux; You'll have to try and see if wine works for you.

If you plan on using a text editor to create missions, be sure to start the engine with the -output_sexps parameter, this will create a file called sexps.html (You may have to look into ~/.fs2_open to find it), which will list all available sexps and their arguments.
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