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What do you mean i can't run the game!?

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IIRC, the HOTU version is 250mb. The HOTU version has no voice, movies, animations, and only very very very low-res effects. The real retail version of FS 2 has three CDs.

You don't have OpenGL. OpenGL is a 3d accelerator, and is required for FSO. If you want, you could try some old builds of FSO that still have Direct 3d compatibility, but they aren't going to look so good. Otherwise, your screwed. You'd have to stick with retail until you get a more recent card.

To find out your graphics card:

1: right click on "my computer"
2: go to manage
3: go to "device manager" in the left box
4: then in the large box on the right, look for "display adapters". It's in there.

Ok, found it, its a VIA/S3G UniChrome IGP

Where can i find the low res one? even if it looks a little better then the original Freespace 2, i'm ok. I want to take screen shoots to school and get more to play!

Ok. I have never heard of that card, so it probably sucks.

there are all the old builds. You can probably also find some old stuff that you can run on that site, too.

Thanks! what version do you think would run best on my computer?

Depends on how you define best. Start with the most recent old build, and if doesn't work as well as you want it to, then work your way down the list.


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